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05 February 2006 @ 08:33 pm
I posted this question in my personal journal too, but I'm really curious about this.

Do you guys like Addison? Why or why not?

I know that Meredith and Derek are going to end up together, but what do you think of Addison/Derek?
25 September 2005 @ 10:39 pm

i forgot what day it was and i totally missed the begining of grey's anatomy


i will give you my first born child
13 September 2005 @ 08:52 am
so.... i could be very much mistaken but i do belive that tonight is the start of the new gilmore girls season!!!!
all of my questions will be answered:
will luke say yes?
will rory and logan stay together?
how will rory stand living at the gilmore mansion?
what will emily and loralai's
(i never said i was a spelling genius) relationship be more screwed up since they are letting rory live with them?
are we going to still see crazy paris?

ok, thats enough thinking for now
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05 September 2005 @ 11:03 pm
1. All spoilers will be hidden behind a cut. Some of us like spoilers, some are spoiler-free. Please respect other people's wishes.

2. Any member can post, but all entries must be friends locked. Why? Well basically because it's more fun for us that way. Plus we all have our opinions, and some people could get snarky. And we don't want that!

3. We welcome any shared fandoms, meaning if more than one member is a fan, then we can talk about it here. Just let me know which fandoms we're expanding to, so I can add them to the interests.

4. We also welcome TV shows that aren't currently on the air, i.e. Buffy, Sex and the City. If you like talking about it, go for it. Once again, let me know, so I can add them to our list.

5. Be nice. This shouldn't be a problem seeing as we're all cool with each other. No one likes mean people. Really. You're not cool if you're a jerk. Yes, we are bound to disagree on things. Just don't get carried away, especially with shipping wars. We see enough of that elsewhere.

Anything else? Let me know. I just want us to all have a place to chill out and share our love. K? K.
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